this is a moment

it's hard to know in the moments they are happening which experiences will settle themselves into the vault of precious memories
but something about that time you and your brother were eating stuffed grape leaves outside of a grocery store in rutland, vermont presented itself to you as one of those memories that you will return to when stuck in traffic, getting a tooth filled, or waiting for the mail

it wasn’t because the grape leaves were good
nor the olive oil in which they lay
the sunshine wasn’t particularly spectacular either
it was just the simplicity of it
no, not even,
the complete mediocrity of the moment that stored itself in the firebox of the mind

all your brotherly lives you were afflicted with intensity
-divorce, moving, deaths and fistfights
laughter, playing, days on the lake-
and here now, 32 and 30
you are just sitting there
two men in plastic chairs 
gazing absently at a road wet with snowmelt
eating grape leaves
and both of you knowing some corner has been turned

a car passes, its studded tires going tick tick tick on the asphalt
this is a moment you will never forget