Signs and Symbols

I descend the stairs of the underground walkway
Leaving Stauffacherstrasse to the autos
Down here in the cool tunnel the lights flick on as you approach
One after the other snapping to with an electric buzz
I want to make something out of this
The way I do with so many things
The shift of the breeze, the sight of a crow
Mine is a world of signs and symbols
Important decisions made with coins, cards, flower pedals
So here now, I want to believe in these lights
Want to see them as an affirmation that I didn't screw up
leaving you an ocean and mountains behind
Have faith, I want them to say, as the next few feet of my journey are illuminated
But deep down I know better
This is not a land of omens
There is no mystic message in these automated lights
It is only a matter of Swiss efficiency