In Residence, VSC

Little changes. The advance and retreat of ice on the sidewalks
One day the sun is shining. Later that afternoon it snows
Then does for days
And all the while, the work

We have come from all over
But arrived with shared intent
All of us here to fill our lungs with crisp air and artistic support;
To finally give the too oft backseat parts of ourselves the keys and wait to see where they will go

Whether we write, or sculpt, or paint, or perform
We are all driven by the stubborn belief that one day we will provide the world
With gifts it doesn’t know it needs
But until that day, our work goes on

And when it doesn’t, when I am tired and feeling lost, I will stare out my window
At the frozen Gihon River and the Kahn building draped in snow
And there I find great solace in the reminder that furious activity often lurks beneath stillness

Daily I walk these hills, and on occasion will be reminded that there is a world out there
Somewhere over these ridgelines there is traffic
There are births, and deaths; taxes, taxis and malls
But for one glorious month, we are not there

We are here. And here, time is counted in meals--
With some seeming eons between
While others I consider skipping--though I never have
For it is February in Vermont and the fires within are burning hot

But for all our revelry there is a sadness here
Knowing that each day is another closer to departure
Our reintroduction into that outside world
Too soon we will exit planes, step off trains, climb out of cars
And wonder if they will see the change

For we will have had our month
To work at all hours, to share our stories, stare out windows, to eat cheese and fresh bread every single day if we want to
A month to toil, a month to discover and despair, and then to reemerge anew
Having had our glorious, gluttonous month